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Top Safety Accreditation for SES Ltd

SES Ltd is a small electrical contractors based in Andover, Hampshire. They have just been been awarded the...

David Cowburn

What is the future for Green Energy?

British people are excited about renewable energy - so why is there so much hesitation from the Government?

With 48 per cent of British people willing to...

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What is the future for Green Energy?

David Cowburn

British people are excited about renewable energy - so why is there so much hesitation from the Government?

With 48 per cent of British people willing to pay more towards investment in renewable energy and tackling climate change and solar PV generating enough energy last year to power over a million typical households in the South of England, the renewables industry has enjoyed strong growth recently, with consumer interest growing.

NAPIT Launches Campaign for a better Electrical Industry

NAPIT Infographics

NAPIT have launched a series of Infographics which seek to address some of the more pressing issues faced by NAPIT members and the wider electrical industry. The infographics have been based on survey responses received from the NAPIT Trade Association.

The results do not show anything surprising, however NAPIT aims to use the information to present to new MP's and other influential organisations in the building services sector a unique insight into the way policy changes affect the lives of tradespeople up and down the country.

What issues are represented

Electricians – are you aware of the new Health and Safety changes?

Health and Safety - working at height

A new Health and Safety law that affects all domestic electricians came into force from the 6th April. Replacing the the Construction, Design and Management Regulations 2007, the new Regulations are designed to improve health and safety and reduce accidents during building projects.

The new Regulations are known as Construction, (Design and Management) (CDM) Regulations 2015. Building firms need to review their current health and safety processes to ensure they are compliant with the new law.

What is the main change?

Competent person vs electrically trained person

Amendment 3

With amendment 3 on its way, there will be some changes over the terminology used to describe a qualified electrician.

It has been a long standing bone of contention within the electrical industry as to the wording used to describe a qualified electrician as a competent person. This term at best could be confusing and at worse could be open to abuse with some householders terming themselves as competent persons without actually holding the qualifications and other individuals passing themselves off as a competent person knowing it to be wrong.

The New Megger Catalogue is out - and available on App for the first time!

MUK 493 Megger's new catalogue

Test and measurement specialist Megger UK has launched its invaluable new contractor product catalogue in both paper and electronic formats. The new catalogue is aimed at electrical contractors wishing to boost their efficiency, diversify their scope and increase their revenue by staying informed about the latest developments in electrical test equipment and testing accessories.

What is the perfect bacon butty for electricians?

Bacon Butty

There is very little more satisfying than the smell of bacon frying as you walk past your local burger van of a lunch time. Is your mouth already watering in anticipation? Ours too!

According to a Direct Line survey carried out just last month, the humble bacon butty is much more than a couple of slices of bacon between bread, and just as there are different strokes for different folks, how you like your bacon butty depends largely on where you reside in the country!

Smoked bacon and brown sauce?

How to make a sale without selling anything

Sitting waiting for the phone to ring

If making a sales pitch and touting for business is not for you, and selling is not your thing then you might well be thinking that becoming a self employed electrician might be a mistake?

Wrong! Believe it or not the most successful sales people do not actually have a sales pitch. They sell based on likeability factor and a different outlook on selling. If all this sounds way out and you feel you have to be a 'certain type' to be successful in selling then keep reading as this blog will change your thoughts.