What Qualifications All Electricians Must Have

An electrician is a skilled professional who possesses indispensable and specialised knowledge and skills regarding the installation, operation, repair and maintenance of electrical devices and components. They should be capable of fitting and repairing electrical circuits and wiring. To become a qualified electrician one should possess the necessary qualifications and fully understand the safety rules and regulations. Electricity is very dangerous and can cause shock hazards. Hence before you call yourself as a qualified electrician you have to acquire the required skills, knowledge of safety regulations and credentials.What qualifications all electricians must have:In order to become a qualified electrician a person has to first enroll under the apprenticeship program. Generally the average age to become an apprentice is between 17 to 19 years. In order to enroll for an apprenticeship program the person has to satisfy the following requirements.1. The person should possess a General Certificate of Education in Maths, English and Science with a minimum of C grade or more. An ability to read and interpret technical drawings is an additional plus.2. Once the person is deemed fit for the entry level then it is time to proceed further into the advanced level apprenticeship program. This is usually a 4 years course and includes subjects related to the theories of electricity and the other inter-connected subjects in addition to on-the-job training. It is here you will correlate and apply the class room learnt theories with the real life experiences.3. At the time of completing the apprenticeship program you must have acquired a level 3 National Vocational qualification as well.4. People from a variety of professional backgrounds are also interested in taking up electrician courses in order to step their foot in the electrical industry. In that case you can pursue electrician course and become a qualified electrician by joining the electrical courses during your leisure time. In order to acquire the necessary qualifications for an electrician you have to obtain a certificate for installing, operating, repairing and testing electrical circuits under BS7671 and/or the City and Guilds 2391 or 2382.5. If on the other hand you have been practising as an electrician but do not possess the necessary qualifications you can hone your existing skills and knowledge evaluated against industry acknowledged qualifications. The qualification you obtain entirely depends on the basis of your results and completion of any advanced training that you may necessarily require. Periodic inspection and testing and 17th edition wiring regulations are the additional qualifications that you may require.6. In order to effectuate a Portable Appliance Testing you have to be a competent and experienced person. This in fact is displayed by your qualifications and the relevant experience you possess.Conclusion:In addition to the above said qualifications and experience an electrician should have practical skills in handling a multitude of tools and equipment. Manual dexterity, good vision, good analytical skills, physical fitness and interpersonal skills are important qualities of an experienced electrician. Besides possessing the necessary certifications and licenses the electrician should show a commitment and dedication for job too.


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